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Student for a Day

Curious to see what we’re all about before submitting an application?

Any student who is interested in applying is welcome to join us as a student for a day. They’ll get to know their future classmates, meet teachers and staff, and get an inside look at what it means to be a St. Bon’s student.

To set up your Student for a Day Experience, email Admissions.


To register for Kindergarten at St. Bon’s, just fill out and send in an application form. We have a Kinderstart Information Session for parents every October and there are five Kinderstart Sessions.

Kindergarten Application Form

Grades 1-12

To apply, all you have to do is submit an application form with the required paperwork, and we’ll take it from there. It’s really that simple.

Grade 1-12 Application Form

International Students

International students wishing to apply to St. Bon’s are asked to contact Admissions for more information on the application process.

709-726-0024 x229

Tuition Rates 2024-25

First child: $11,355

Second child: $11,355

Third child: $5,677.50

Fourth child: $5,677.50

Fifth child +: $0

International Student Tuition: $14,830

Employer Paid Tuition: $16,250

More Tuition Information


At St. Bon’s, we’re a team. And like the best teams, we wear uniforms. For more information on our uniform policy and how to purchase, see below.
Review Uniform Policy
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Bursary Program

For families in need of financial assistance, we have a Bursary program in place to help offset the cost of tuition. All Bursary applicants are kept confidential, and the amount awarded is dependent on the applicants financial situation.

To apply for Bursary Assistance, submit applications to Apple Financial Services (AFS).

Apply for Bursary Assistance

SBC After 3 After-School Program

Because learning doesn’t have to end when the last bell rings.

SBC After 3 is our K-6 after-school program that runs Monday to Friday from dismissal to 5:30pm.

More About SBC After 3